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Southern Dance Class Awards - Sun 17 March

On Sun 17 March, a handful of our girls took part in Southern Dance Class Awards in Brighton. Dancers learned routines in Tap, Modern and Ballet in age categories 7-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14+, and after performing the routines in small groups, the adjudicators called out those who had made it to the final round, where they then learned further choreography with adjudicator Janet Devenish (Head of Tring Park Associates) and performed again. Places 1st-5th were then given in each category.

The day started with some of our gorgeous 7-9s getting into the finals in Ballet, Tap and Modern, in one of their first ever dance outings. Elivia was then awarded 4th place in the 10-11 Ballet section as well as being a finalist in Modern. Heidi Ogden was a finalist in Ballet, Modern and Tap and proved herself a fantastic all-round dancer.

In the 14+ category, Annika won 1st place in the Ballet section, with Leah close behind in 4th place, and our other dancers also performed beautifully amongst some amazing talent.

All dancers took part in commercial and contemporary workshops throughout the day, and we were pleased to hear that our seniors were called out to perform in the select groups for both.

Here's a lovely video of all the talented girls performing in the workshops, where you can see our Brooks girls at the front in group 3 and 5.

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