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Competition Team

Click here to see our planned Comp Team Dates for your diaries (2022-2023)

What our team & their parents say about being part of the troupe team:

"Thank you for allowing [X] to be part of the most wonderful day yesterday. She is totally obsessed with dancing and my husband and I are so happy she has found a school that supports, challenges and inspires her the way that Brooks does. She looks forward to every lesson and is always practising her routines, even on the walk to school! [X] has made some great friends at Brooks and we are very grateful that the older girls have looked out for her and welcomed her into the troupe."

"I'm feeling very optimistic about 2023, thank you again for guiding me through and being such an integral part of my life. I don't know what I would do without the gift you give which is dance!" Student

"Thanks for all the determination you keep bringing out in that girl and the joy she gets out of it." Parent

"It's introduced me to new styles of dancing and also your amazing fresh and unique choreography and groups that I've loved dancing and participating in, but also watching! It has been such a wonderful place and environment to dance in. Before coming to Brooks I'd never had solo choreography suited to me and I'm so thankful for that. Thank you for everything you've done for me!" Student

"Choreography, technique, and performance was fantastic throughout – a real class act, as always! Thank you for supporting [X] and giving her the opportunity – she absolutely loved it and will be buzzing from it for weeks to come, and will have some wonderful memories of performing with her friends with her for life." Parent

"Thank you so much Lucy, as always I appreciate the work you do for us, but feeling especially overwhelmed and lucky after that weekend with all the incredible pieces you give us! Lots of love thank you thank you!" Student

"Felt very proud to be part of BDA yesterday. Such fabulous choreography as ever which was a joy to watch." Parent

"It was all so brilliant and [X] (actually me mostly) is beaming with pride today. Thanks so much." Parent


Our award-winning competition team is entry by invite/audition only. Our competition team take part in dance festivals, dance competitions & conventions, youth platforms and our bi-annual show. All competition dancers must take a certain number of technique classes per week to be part of our team, and regular training in ballet and jazz is recommended as a minimum requirement.

  • Advised – Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro (must take at least two styles)

  • Must take weekly class in the same style of routine to be considered (Tap/Street etc.)

  • Minimum hours of training per week: Age 8-10 (3+ hours), Age 11+ (4+ hours)

Dancers will only be invited if they show special enthusiasm, dedication, and regular attendance of all their classes.

Our comp team are not permitted to also train at another dance school, or be part of another local dance team. This is part of dance school etiquette – you should not train at one school and compete for another. Dancers who also compete in different but complementary hobbies such as gymnastics or musical theatre clubs are supported where possible to enjoy both hobbies. We also support pre-vocational dance programmes. Our dancers are encouraged to enjoy beneficial pre-vocational training from CAT schemes or pre-vocational programmes at weekends, but they may have to reduce their participation in our events due to clashes.
We encourage dancers to talk to us if you'd like advice on which programmes to apply for!

Age 7+

Troupe is for dancers at Brooks who wish to perform regularly. They will learn about the importance of team work, performance quality and theatre professionalism.


 Dancers learn group choreography, and may be selected for one, or a variety of groups in all different modern-styles including jazz, tap, lyrical and as they get older, contemporary. 

Some dancers may be invited to have a solo, duet or trio after they have gained enough confidence performing as part of a group.

Age 12+
Elite Team

Our elite team is for exceptional dancers, and those who show the most passion for dance. This team work together weekly to prepare competition pieces in technical jazz/contemporary and is for dancers aged 12-18. Dancers on this team will take part in many competitions across the year, and also compete with solos,
duets, trios.

Age 9+
Classical Groups

Our principal Miss Jackie selects students who show ballet promise to be part of our classical groups for Festivals & Competitions. Dancers rehearse weekly on Saturday mornings.

Dancers who excel in ballet will also be offered a classical solo. Often this means purchasing a beautiful hand-made tutu to be worn for the solo performances.

Age 14+
BDC Youth

BDC Youth is our contemporary youth company for pre-vocational dancers aged 15+ run as an associate company to the school. Dancers focus on contemporary dance technique and improvisation, and create choreography for film & local performances/ youth platforms.

Age 10+
Street Team

Our Street Team rehearse weekly with professional dancer Alice Rhodes who had an incredible career working with artists such as Pharrel & Rhianna, as well as with professional hiphop dance company Boy Blue Ent.


Our crews explore styles such as hiphop, street and commercial and will perform routines a few times throughout the year, as well as work on technique and freestyle.

A snapshot of the types of events you can find our competition team performing at each year. Dancers will also compete with solos, duets and trios.


International Stars


Eastbourne Festival


Sussex Festival


U.Dance/ Youth Platforms




Destination Dance


Hastings Festival


Southern Dance Awards 


Brooks Academy Show


Choreography Competition

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