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Make an account on Squad Dancewear website HERE to view the uniform and order.

Saturday Troupe Classes 

Junior Troupe – Squad Uniform
White Lola Crop Top
Black Yoga Shorts
Black Jacket 

Teen Troupe – Squad Uniform

Black Lola Crop Top (Or Zoe Crop Top)
Or Black Leotard 
Black Yoga Shorts
Or Black Active Shorts
Or Black Leggings 

Black Jacket 

Seniors Troupe – Squad Uniform
Black Zoe Crop Top (Or Lola Crop Top) 

Or Black Leotard 

Black Yoga Shorts 
Or Black Active Shorts 

Or Black Leggings 

Black Jacket 

Warm Up Items – Optional 

Black Body Warmer – Ballet
Black Sweatshirt
Black Joggers 
Black T-Shirt 

All dancers must come with their hair in a bun. 

No gel nails or fake nails allowed in the dance studio.

If students continue to break this rule they will not be allowed to be part of the competition team.

No jewellery should be worn to class. Small stud earrings will be allowed.


At competitions/festivals, dancers must all wear their Brooks Competition Team Jackets and other BDA dancewear.

Jazz, Acro, Contemporary, Street


Order from Squad Dancewear

Juniors (7-10)

Same as Junior Troupe
Dancers may also wear black mesh footless tights.


Teens & Inter (11-15)

Same as Teen Troupe

Dancers may also wear black mesh footless tights.

No t-shirts or joggers are allowed to be worn in class for acro or jazz.

Advanced Jazz (16+)

Seniors may wear all uniform items from Squad dancewear, or their own black dancewear items. Joggers or hoodies are not permitted for jazz so that your technique can be corrected.

Dancers may also wear black mesh footless tights.



Contemporary (Teen)

As above, plus BDA Joggers, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts allowed.

Contemporary – BDC Youth

Black Zoe Crop Top
Or Black Leotard

Black Boys Sport Short (long option)

Or Black Joggers

Black T-Shirt
Black Sweatshirt

Black Body Warmer

BDC Youth Dancers should wear joggers, t-shirt and sweatshirt when representing BDA at Contemporary Youth Dance events.

Hair should always be in a bun for these classes. Over 15+ may wear a ponytail or plait instead. 



Dancers can wear clean trainers, and streetwear of their choice including BDA Uniform. Please ensure your heels do not mark our dance floor if attending heels class on Fridays or you will be asked to dance in trainers.



Ballet & Tap
Please see specific exam/ ISTD uniform for all ballet classes below (scroll down).

Ballet Inter & Advanced

A black or colour of choice leotard and ballet skirt with ballet tights. BDA's Squad Dancewear Black leotard is suitable or your own leotards/skirts in any colour. All hair should be in a bun. 


Warm up ballet items you can wear include wrap-around cardigan, mesh tops, or BDA body warmers. 

Black Boat Neck Leotard

Black Scoop Neck Leotard

Black Wraparound Cardigan

Warm-Up Mesh Top

Warm-Up Shrug

No T-Shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies are allowed

Extra Warm Up Items 
Ballet Rosa Grey/Black mesh top

Ballet Rosa Grey/Black romper

Intermezzo Grey/Black pants

Intermezzo Grey/Black warm up suit

Bloch warm up bootie in grey or pink

Syllabus Class Uniforms

All ISTD class uniforms can be purchased from Move Dancewear. Please see full list below for Ballet & Tap ISTD classes. 
Ballet shoes come up small so check with the supplier and you may have to order one size up. Any ballet shoes/tights can be worn in either pale ballet pink, or natural skin tone. Split sole ballet shoes are recommended as dancers get older, for example:
Ballet tights from Bloch

Ballet shoes from Bloch

Tap Shoes – Black pair of tap shoes for beginners/juniors in this style.

Nursery, Pre-Primary

Any light pink leotard and pink matching skirt above the knee

Pink/natural skin tone ballet socks & canvas ballet shoes

Optional pink wrap over ballet cardigan

Primary, Grade 1 & 2
Ballet & Tap

Lilac leotard with matching elasticated lilac skirt

Pink/natural skin tone ballet socks & canvas ballet shoes

Optional lilac wrap around ballet cardigan

Bring black shorts for Modern & Tap (& black tap shoes)

Grade 3 & 4
Ballet & Tap

Burgundy leotard & Burgundy skirt

Pink/natural skin tone ballet tights

Pink/natural skin tone ballet shoes

Burgundy or black wrap over cardigan optional

Bring black shorts for Modern & Tap (& black tap shoes)

Grade 5 Ballet and up

Any black leotard
Recommended: Black Boat Neck Leotard

Pink/natural skin tone ballet tights & ballet shoes

Black or pink wrap over cardigan optional - available here

Black skirt or one of Pat's Ballet Skirts - available here 

No shorts!

What our students say

"I attended Brooks Dance Academy all my life up to the age of 18. I would go there three times a week and it's where I met some of my closest friends and had some of my best childhood memories. Jackie was one of the main people who inspired me to go into performing arts as a career, she is passionate, encouraging and honest. I came out of the dance school with a high level of dance ability which really helped forward my career enabling me to be offered a place at one of the best Musical theatre schools in the U.K. and also one of the best music conservatoires. I couldn't recommend Brooks Dance Academy highly enough."


—  Nancy Holt, Guildhall Graduate

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