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Standard Fees

Registration Fee: £10

Entitles you to a week-long trial
of unlimited classes

We run three terms per year:
Autumn, Spring, Summer


Students are billed at the start of each term. One term includes approx. 11 weeks of lessons, equalling a total of 33 weeks
of classes per year minimum.


Please note that no discount will be given for pupils who miss classes due to illness
or holidays.

Fees are due in September,
January and May.


30-35 Minute Class: £50

40-45 Minute Class: £75

1-Hour Class: £100

1h10–1hr15 Class: £120

1h20–1h30 Class: £140

Discount of 10% for term fees over £300.

Discount of 15% for term fees over £400.

*This discount does not apply to, or include Troupes, Companies or Group classes.

*Please note that if one term is only
10-weeks, there will be a 12-week term in
the same academic year to equal
33 weeks per year.

All students must give half a terms'
notice or the equivalent in fees when
leaving the academy.

Companies/ Troupes



Autumn Term 2023:

Junior Troupe 10&U
1h30m – £110 (11 weeks)

Teen Troupe 14&U
1h30m – £110 (11 weeks)

Ballet Masters
1hr – £70 (10 weeks)

BDC Youth (Wednesday)

1hr – £84

No discounts available on troupe/
company rehearsal fees.



Sent out by Miss Lucy Brooks

Prices (approx):
£7 per large group per hour
£9 per small group per hour

£10 Festival Entry Fees per group
(three festivals per year)

Usually approx. £10 per group
entry for Competition Entries

Costumes range from £35–£60
Parents may sell these after the performance

Senior/elite team group rehearsals are

billed separately to all our weekly lessons and rehearsals and may also include other

extra costs such as competition entries, costumes etc.

Private Lessons


Small Dance Studio Hire Fees:

Range from £10-£20 per hour

Private Tuition and Choreography
is available at these rates:

£40 + £XX studio fee per hour

£30 + £XX studio fee per hou

£25 + £XX studio fee per hour

£20 + £XX studio fee per hour

Our Festival choreography team

Brooks Teachers:

Jackie Brooks, Lucy Brooks
Alice Rhodes, Maria Doick, 
Agnes McIllvenny, Katie O'Neil


Graduate or Freelance Teachers:
Isabella Doick, Sky Cook,
Sienna Walker, Lilly Lovell

Hire the Yoga & Wellness Rooms, Shoreham
*£12 per hour special rate for BDA Students*

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