Where the class is not an ISTD/Exam class we have specified the approximate level below.
New pupils over age 10 who have not danced, or who have only done gymnastics will be auditioned to join the school to see if they will be capable of catching up with pupils their age. We do not have classes suitable for beginners over age 10. Priority for all our contemporary, street or lyrical classes goes to pupils who are taking ballet, modern and jazz classes which teach the core techniques necessary for all other styles.

1 – Mini, Age 6-8

2 – Junior, Age 8-10

3 – Junior Experienced, Age 10-12

4 – Teen Experienced, Age 12-14

5 – Inter Experienced, Age 14-16

6 – Advanced Experienced, Age 16-18

Baby (Saturdays) Age 4-6

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