Dance Studio Etiquette 

  • Go Jewellery-free. Obtrusive jewellery is potentially dangerous to you and others. If you continuously wear jewellery to class you will be asked to leave the studio. 

  • Hair should be in a bun. Please keep your hair off your face and neck. Loose hair can be distracting for the teacher/choreographer, get in the eyes and cause problems for jumps and turns. Ponytails and plaits can hit you or someone else. You should have a bun for all classes except street. It’s a sign of self-respect by coming to class clean, neat, and well put together.

  • Wear appropriate uniform. Please adhere to uniform guidelines for classes. The dress code allows the teacher to see your physical movements and make the proper corrections. Being properly dressed shows the teacher you are serious about your art form. You will feel more confident and dance better when properly dressed for class.

  • Bring Water. Please bring a water bottle to lessons. It is good to drink water before and after class ends. The teacher will give students the opportunity to drink when appropriate during the lesson.

  • Listen and Be Quiet. Listen while the dance teacher is talking. That means no talking while they’re talking. Not even quietly to your neighbour.

  • No Phones. Stow away the cell phone if at Glebe or leave phones outside of the studio. Turn off—don’t just silence—your cell phone. Putting it on vibrate can still make distracting noise.

  • Observe Your Classmates. When split into groups you should be watching and learning from other dancers in the room and practicing at the side. It is rude to look at the floor or show a lack of interest in the rest of the class. It is a sign of a good student if they are keen to watch, learn from and encourage their friends.

  • Be Ready to Dance. Pay attention at all times, especially when waiting for your turn. You should not be slouching or looking bored. Dancers should not sit down unless you’re asked to or you are on a break.

  • No Leaving the Studio. Don’t leave and come back into your class. Stay in the studio for the entirety of class—no ins-and-outs.

  • Be On Time. Always arrive on time and enter the studio when your class starts. Dancers should not be sitting outside the classroom having a chat whilst the rest of the class are waiting for them for the class to start. You may not be allowed in if this happens. If you can’t avoid being late, enter very quietly and wait for the OK from your teacher to enter the dance floor. After class, be sure to apologise for your late arrival.

  • Be Courteous and Respectful. At the end of class, applaud fellow students who perform, and always thank the teacher.

  • Be Enthusiastic and Kind. Bring enthusiasm, manners and kindness into the dance studio with you. Eye-rolling, yawning, giggling can be interpreted as disrespect towards your teacher, or can be perceived by other students as bullying behaviour. This can disrupt the flow and atmosphere of class, or affect the learning of other students in the room. If you present a negative attitude towards class or other students in the room you may be asked to leave. 

  • Bring A Positive Attitude. Do not use phrases like ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I won’t’ during dance class. If you are given a correction, it means your teacher cares enough to give you helpful instruction. It is better to just be quiet if you are finding something difficult and attempt to apply the instruction. Dance class is a place for growth, improvement and learning. Dancers should embrace failure as a part of the process.

  • Try Your Best. If you make the mistake of taking a dance class that’s above your skill level, never walk out of a class or sit down in frustration—hang in there and try your best, no one will fault you for that.

  • Troupe Behaviour. Being a member of the competition team is a special opportunity. Dancers should not be missing rehearsals. If you have to miss a rehearsal and have a valid reason, the teacher should always be warned in advance. It is rude to give last minute excuses for lateness/missed rehearsals such as ‘going to bed late due to a sleepover’. This is not an acceptable excuse to give to your teacher. Please consider the commitment you make to your teammates and to your teacher before you join the troupes.

  • Social Media. Please keep contact with teachers via personal messaging on social media at a minimum to help avoid any confusion, and to respect teacher's private lives. Parents should send their queries and questions via email so that teachers can respond during their working hours. Teachers may not respond on days off/weekends. Parents can also post in our Facebook Groups so that messages are saved and available when the teacher is free to respond. However, we are happy to receive Whatsapp or Text messages to let us know if a child is ill or unable to attend a class at last minute.

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